A lifetime experience that will immerse you in the art of shaping

The satisfaction and pride of catching your first wave on a board you've shaped yourself is a feeling like no other, and a memory that will last forever.


In this shaping lesson, you will learn over course of two sessions of about 3-4 hours each to shape your own surfboard. The lesson is a hands-on experience where you will be guided through the process of selecting the right blank, designing the board, choosing the materials, shaping the board from the blank to the final shape!


You'll be introduce to the fundamentals of surfboard design to adapt the board to your needs, your personal style and the waves you are riding.


This hands-on approach provides a unique opportunity for you to learn the art of surfboard shaping and create a board that is truly yours.


By the end of the two sessions, you will have shaped your own surfboard, gained valuable knowledge about surfboard design and construction, and have a deeper appreciation for the craft of surfboard shaping.


Always wanted to know what’s behind a board creation process. Crafting one from zero was a rewarding experience.
Ghyslain definitely knows what he’s talking about. He listens to our needs as a surfer and helps you define the best shape/specs out of it.
We had a blast doing it. And nothing is more satisfying than riding the board you shaped yourself !

Pierre-Alain Julia

Shape your own surfboard

Book now to secure your spot at 2023 prices. Booking are open for April, May, and June.


Having learned the art of surfboard shaping in California, I have continued to refine my skills by attending conventions and collaborating with other shapers and glasser from Costa Rica to Montreal. Being around other shapers has helped me to expand my knowledge and hone my abilities.

I dedicate a lot of time and energy to understanding the principles behind this science, including the effects of different materials, design concepts, and the perfect shaping techniques.

This dedication has allowed me to fast-forward my skills and develop a unique approach to creating custom surfboards that are tailored to each individual rider's needs, preferences, and style.

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