At Alchimie Surf, we don’t see ourselves as surfboards manufacturers, but as artisans of a lifestyle, inviting our customers into a transformative journey. We want to show people they must believe and their dreams and be part of creating our world. Our boards are a tool to transform our surfing, our vision, and our life.


At Alchimie Surf, our vision is to raise awareness of the impact our surfboard has on our surfing. We aspire to help people grow and enjoy more fully their surfing experience. We want to create a personal connection with each client and be a catalyst in the building of the surfing and surfboard community and culture.


Alchimie's mission is to illuminate the profound truth that each of us is an alchemist of our reality. We advocate the courage to believe in the yet unseen, reinforcing that our collective visions shape the future of our world. It is our inherent responsibility to embody and propagate our core values, relentlessly striving to forge a world that evolves toward greater excellence with each passing day.

Core Values


We advocate taking responsibility and believe we have the power to change the world through our actions and thoughts. Everything we do has an impact and we all are part of this world we live in either by our actions or inactions.


We believe surfing is a healthy lifestyle. It helps every single person, but also society. Surfing helps us be in physical, mental, and spiritual heath.


We do believe that we can have a great impact on the environment making durable local products, using the most environmental products possible, and reducing
our waste. We make surfboard repairs to help people keep their boards for longer and reduce the waste of materials.

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