Shape your own surfboard

In this shaping lesson, you will immerse yourself in the universe of shaping and learn over course of two sessions of about 3-4 hours each to shape your own surfboard. The lesson is a hands-on experience where you will be guided through the process of selecting the right blank, designing the board, choosing the materials, shaping the board from the blank to the final shape!

You'll be introduced to the fundamentals of surfboard design to adapt the board to your needs, your personal style and the waves you are riding.

and then you'll learn how to shape the rocker, outline, rails, bottom contours, and place the fins.

This hands-on approach provides a unique opportunity for you to learn the art of surfboard shaping and create a board that is truly yours.

By the end of the two sessions, you will have shaped your own surfboard, gained valuable knowledge about surfboard design and construction, and have a deeper appreciation for the craft of surfboard shaping.

When you are done with the shaping of your surfboard, you can let us finish the glassing process that is about 15hrs over the course of 5steps or learn the process and do it yourself with our guidance. 

The way we work is that you buy the board, then you will be charged 20$/hrs for the shaping and/or glassing lesson. We highly recommend choosing a simple design for your first board and doing an all-white surfboard or basic color to ensure the process is flawless and easy for you to get through.

To book your lesson, select the board you want, then when you want to start. Then give a deposit of 300$ to secure your spot.

We are open for April, Mai and June, 3 spots per month only.

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