About Resin Research 2000 Bio Epoxy

The Project 21 System was originally developed for sports and marine and today finds use in a wide variety of composite products.

Resin Research epoxies with bio content are are one of our newer products. Bio content in this system is 31% on the resin side and 21% mixed.

Bio content (veggy based chemistry) in plastics is a growing field and we believe that this product is just the first you'll see from us. We expect to see further breakthroughs and availability of this and newer chemistry in the coming decades. 


- Very low color and good color stability

- Good chemical resistance

- High gloss

- Good resistance to amine blush

- Low viscosity

- Variable Toughness vs. Modulus


- High-solids coatings

- Self-leveling and pebble finish flooring

- Chemically resistant tank linings

- Sports equipment

Resin mix by weight

We strongly suggest you mix your resin by weight which is more accurate than by volume.

Mix ratio by weight is 100:45

Mix ratio by volume is 2 to 1

Gel Time

(150g mix @ 77 °F)

Fast hardener 18minutes

Slow hardener 40minutes

X-Slow hardener140minutes

About Resin Research

ResinResearch’s legacy in composite innovation dates back to the creation of the first fully functional UV stable epoxy technology and the first commercial cycloaliphatic curing agents sold in the US composite market in 1981. The advancement of epoxy curing agents to cycloaliphatics provided lower toxicity, excellent resistance to blush, better clarity, better UV stability and lower vapor pressure.  Todays advanced cycloaliphatic based epoxy systems are widely recognized as the Rolls Royce of epoxy systems.

Originally based in water sports and marine, Resin Research has used these groundbreaking advancements to offer industry new materials, methods and manufacturing procedures with simple effective products which maximize strength characteristics in a single straight forward system. Today, with two manufacturing locations adjacent to both the eastern and western US, along with a distribution network throughout the US, Canada and 15 countries worldwide, Resin Research provides customers with the epoxy materials they need ,when and where they need them.

Today, we continue to set the pace for advanced composites with innovative solutions that incorporate our broad epoxy resin systems to manufacturers with advanced building techniques. We help make your composite products stronger, longer-lasting, more UV resistant, brighter, more stable, easier to work with and safer for employees and the environment. All this in a broad ranging product line that offers more options than any other. Whatever your composite need, we have the resin system and the industry expertise to meet your application requirements.


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Let's say you are glassing a 5' 10" board with 2 layers of 4oz e-glass fiberglass on the deck. You would use the column to the closest dimention which is 5'9" and would refer to 4+4oz box. You would use 467grams of resin and 210grams of hardener.


Let's say you are glassing a 6' 1" board with 1 layers of 4oz e-glass fiberglass on the bottom. You would use the column to the closest dimention which is 6'3" and would refer to 4oz box. You would use 428grams of resin and 193grams of hardener.


Let's say you are hot coating a 8' 3" board. You would use the column to the closest dimention which is 8'3" and would refer to the hot coat box. You would use 370grams of resin and 166grams of hardener.

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